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Kirchoff-ray Mode Model Applications

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We use Kirchhoff-ray mode (KRM) models to investigate acoustic backscatter from individual and aggregations of aquatic organisms. Backscatter models can be used to calculate echo amplitudes for individuals or groups with known size distributions. We compare model predictions to measurements in the laboratory, in the field (actually in the water), and are finding new uses for backscatter models all the time. Here are results from recent projects:

View and interact with KRM models that predict fish backscatter
Comparison of KRM results to individual fish target strength measurements
Effect of changing image resolution on KRM predictions
Can we combine KRM models and the inverse approach to predict size-based abundance estimates?
How to choose in situ acoustic size when individual organisms are not resolvable?
Using probability estimates to discriminate between two species
Examining the use of echo amplitudes to discriminate and identify fish species
Incorporating fish tilt and roll in estimates of target strength
Estimating abundances of fish aggregations using KRM models

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